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VeeFx.com offers Search Engine Optimization Services for your business to help acquire more traffic from search engines and convert your visitors into customers.

What is Search Engines Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engines Optimization is the process by which a website’s code, architecture, content, and links are analyzed, refined and optimized to increase organic traffic from search engines such as Google and Bing.Search Engine Optimization Agency in Minnesota

Why do you need professional Search Engine Optimization services?

Research has shown that over 50% of traffic is garnered by the first 3 organic results in Google’s page-one. Therefore, if your site doesn’t show up on the first page for your targeted keywords, your website will not get a lot of organic search traffic. So, it is very critical that you get expert help to get your site listed and ranked highly.

Moreover, Search Engines are constantly upgrading and changing their algorithms that determine how search results are ranked. As professionals, we keep abreast of latest developments that may affect your search result ranking. You need to be thinking about how to grow your business and not the latest changes to a search engine algorithm.

What are Search Engine Optimization services?

Search Engine Optimization services encompass the full range from analyzing the current state of your website to creating a Search Engine Optimization strategy to implementing the plan to monitoring, evaluating and course-correcting the action plan.

Why VeeFx?

At VeeFx, the foundation of our business is in understanding how we can optimize our client’s websites, citations, and online profiles in local business directories. Therefore our team of specialists is completely up to speed with the latest developments in SEO tools, techniques, and approaches. We have an excellent process created based on many man-years of experience and expertise. You can benefit from our experience and expertise to improve your search rankings, increase search traffic and add more customers.

Local Search Optimization is an important part of any Internet Marketing strategy for a local brick and mortar or local services company. And we are always surprised to learn how poorly this is being managed by businesses today, but can also understand why it is such a challenge. Your name, address, phone number, and link to your website should be listed in all of the major business directories. You probably already know about Yelp and Kudzu, but what about the 30 other ones that get tons of traffic, both human traffic as well as search engine spiders.

We have three offerings related to Local Search Optimization:

1. Online Profile Management Services is a key component of a Local Search Optimization strategy.

Even if you haven’t done anything to promote it, your business probably has a profile on some of the major online directories such as Google Plus, Yelp, Kudzu, or CitySearch. You might even have customers engaging you on these platforms and you don’t even know it. According to a recent study, over 60% of the profiles on major sites have not even been claimed by a business, much less optimized. This is such a basic concept it makes us crazy. Let us help you claim your profile pages before your competitors do it for you / do it to you!

We know where the important sites are and can develop a targeted list based on your industry and business needs. We optimize these profile to make sure that your Business Name, Address, and Phone Number are accurately and consistently listed. This is one of the most fundamental and critical things you can do for your business to improve your local search optimization. See more about our citation building services for more advanced strategies.

During our optimization process, we claim your business profile for you, load images you provide us for your business, and populate all the necessary information about your business like hours of operation, payment types accepted, and service areas you cover. Most of the time, these details are not filled out on business profiles- which means they cannot be read by search engines, which in turn means that these businesses are not considered complete by the search engine algorithms, who therefore are less likely to choose your business to appear in the top 3 results.

2. Local Search Optimization Consultant
We are your Local Search Optimization Consultant.

  • Do you already understand how this works and why it’s important but don’t have the time to invest in keeping your reputation safe?
  • Do you realize the internet is critical to the future of every business but are having trouble setting a plan to move forward?
  • Does all of this sound like high tech blah-blah-blah, but at the same time know there is something to it, because you have seen, or heard, that you have negative reviews about your business online reviews?
  • Are you a local business owner trying your best to compete and willing to use the latest tactics to help you succeed?

Call us and set up an appointment to discuss your personal needs. We do our best to help you understand the things you want to know about and handle the things that you don’t have time for. We have taken the time to do the homework for you. We live in this new environment daily and have the first-hand knowledge and experience to show for it.

3. Local Citation Building Service

Our Local Citation Building Service takes the next step in building and developing your online presence. Once you are consistently listed on the major sites we will begin to build your breadth across specialty and niche websites.

Based on the type of business you have we will go out and find these niche sites related to your industry and list your business across them consistently. Not only will we add 100 citations for your business on niche and specialty sites but we will also make sure these locations have a photo and your correct business information. This will ensure that no matter where your customers are searching for you they will find accurate information which will give you the best chance of converting them into revenue.

Along with allowing your customers to find you anywhere, this service is also used as a Local SEO technique to help you climb up the search rankings. As you appear more consistently and cover more of the web the search algorithms will look more favorably upon your business and you will begin to climb up the ranks. Contact our Minnesota SEO agency today!