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We create the perfect website for your local business, startup business, personal brand, event, portfolio and more.

What We do

We create website and build SEO friendly websites for all types of business. We build responsive websites that works on all major browsers, from mobile to desktops. Your site will be built with the latest web standardss and SEO ready website.

Work Flow

We work closely with you to develope website as per your specifications and discuss your web requirments, business goals and estimate, upon discussion We provide you feedback and sugetions to build perfect website for your business together.

Work Output

Highly Optimised and SEO Friendly website for search engines that work across modern browsers, easy to access and low maintenance. After project completion, we help you submit your website to major search engines for indexing.

Startup business?

We provide custom website design, web development and branding services to small startup businesses to existing businesses for affordable cost and effective websites, including Responsive Web Design and beautiful, fast, easy-to-use that works across modern devices and optimized for search engines.

  • Branding
  • We create company brand logo, from renovating your businesses logo design to re-creating a new business branding, business cards & social media banners for startup business.

  • Websites
  • We offer high-quality design and website building for startups and small business to large business to help them create online presence on web all around the world.

  • SEO
  • We offer search engine optimisation (SEO), while creating websites, We follow SEO standards to SEO optimise your website which results in better Google ranking and more visitors.

  • Site Submission
  • On project completiong We help submit your website to more than Twenty top search engines and directories that improve your website presence on search engine.

Northfield Web Design, MN

If you are like most businesses, you already have a website. You either built it yourself, you are using one of those “business in a box” website templates, or maybe even paid a lot of money to an “SEO Professional” to build it. But in any case, it likely has underperformed in terms of your expectations for it driving new business to you.

We help you build a new website or enhance your existing one to make a professional and elegant website that you can be proud of. Most of the websites we build using the WordPress platform which allows us to turn around high-quality sites quickly.

Some “experts” will try to convince you that you need a completely custom website versus a “canned” site. If your site has a complex commerce engine or requires sophisticated database-driven functionality this may be the case. But if you are like most local businesses you just really want to showcase your brand with a site less than a dozen pages.

Website Features

  1. Custom design: We can build a website to your specifications and enhanced with the best extensions and modules to meet your specific business requirements. The underlying architecture of all of our sites may be shared, but each site is personalized and customized for your business.
  2. Fully Integrated Blogs: Websites we develop have a full-featured blog built-in to the website architecture.
  3. Social Sharing: This allows your website visitors to share your content easily on popular social networks.
  4. Forms: Full support for all types of input forms for gathering information from your website visitors. This can be used for things like subscribing to a newsletter or registering for premium content hidden from non-registered users.
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Your pages are built from the ground up with search engine optimization in mind. Everything from strategically placed header tags to search-friendly web page URLs is built-in for best results.
  6. Google Analytics: We also provide support for Google Analytics to help you track, monitor and improve your website performance.

For many sites, we use the WordPress content management system (CMS). Some advantages of using WordPress are:

  1. WordPress is a leading full-featured CMS that is used by millions of websites including many of the leading websites.
  2. WordPress is an open-source platform and has a large community of developers constantly building, testing and extending the platform
  3. WordPress has a very robust ecosystem of plugins that extend the core functionality.
  4. WordPress is ideal for integration with social media networks
  5. WordPress allows you to add or update content and your website design very easily and quickly
  6. WordPress’ open environment prevents you from getting locked into a proprietary system
  7. WordPress has a wide range of high-quality themes and designs for you to choose from.

Responsive Website Design

With the overwhelming popularity of Apple’s iPad and iPhone and the widespread use of Android mobile devices and tablets, the web-browsing market-share of mobile devices is on the increase. These mobile visitors are more likely to engage your business than their counterparts visiting on desktops.

Mobile visitors want to read reviews about your business; and assuming you have a positive online reputation, they will be looking for your physical location so they can visit your business; or want a phone number so they can call you directly. Mobile visitors are ready to buy your products and services!

It is essential for your website to also viewable and usable on mobile devices. We help design a responsive design for your site. All the websites we build are designed with mobile users in mind. Our mobile responsive website designs recommendations include:

  1. Simple, consistent and easy navigation
  2. Mobile friendly fonts, colors and themes
  3. Short and effective copy that works on mobile
  4. Correct use of photos, visuals and video
  5. Responsive designed website to match available screen space
  6. Accurate mobile tracking and analysis
  7. Consistent and easy to use interface

Blog Website Design

Using our blog development services, your business will have a very effective way to engage and interact with your customers and prospects. A well-maintained blog allows you to share news, updates, and information about your products and services, and to keep your customers engaged about market trends and the latest happenings. Blogging is also one of the best things for improving rankings in Search Engine Results Pages.

Why you should engage us for Blog Development Services for your business:
You can share useful information that your visitors and subscribers can benefit from and share with their friends and colleagues. Every time your content is “liked,” or shared, your brand penetrates deeper into a marketplace.

A blog that has relevant, useful, topical and timely information about your business and market can be extremely effective in engaging your customers. Your brand will be “top of mind” when your customers are ready to make a purchase decision. An engaging blog can help build a community of loyal customers and fans.

Our blogs are designed to have maximum reach with minimum effort. Once we post new content to your blog, we also publish this content to all of your social media channels and sites.

Your “social chatter” will be noticed by search engines and your website deemed more credible, therefore presented to prospects more prominently and more often Our Blog development service not only helps you build a blog but also to maintain and integrate with your social media networks. Contact our Northfield Website Design Firm today!

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